Missing SATA connectors...

Everybody who knows me, also knows that I am extremely lucky.
Today I was going to assemble a Micro ATX computer to be used at home, since the old one (the Soltek Qbic) died some months ago and I had to use only the notebook (using which I miss my 10K rpm WD Raptor).
The mobo was an ASRock P4i65G, but during the assembly at a certain point I had to stop because I was unable to connect the SATA cable... because the connectors are missing!

As you can see there are just some straight pins on the PCB board and it is impossible to connect a SATA cable on them:

Obviously if you check the official picture from the ASRock website the connectors should be there! This picture (rotated and with the red circle added by me) is taken from the official page of the mobo:

 So I'm going to ask for a replacement from Amazon, and keep fingers crossed.

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