World Map of Seismic Risk

Should one have the ability to relocate anywhere in the world, I would suggest looking at the following map first, and picking up a white or green region (currently I live in a yellow/orange area and it is clearly unsafe, unless you are in California or Japan):


Where is Springfield?

Having a 4-years-old daughter who is already a fan of the Simpsons (and especially of Maggie) I recently noticed that in The Movie they say that their hometown Springfield "borders Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky".
I am not American and so I do not have a clear idea about the geographical location of all the 50 States: should they have said Massachussets or Florida or California it was much easier also for me, but I had no idea about Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky.
So I had to check a map, and I realized that...

...there are no borders that join them! Only Ohio and Kentucky are neighbours, but Maine is at the top North-Eastern corner and Nevada is in the Far West...
So I also discovered that Simpsons' Springfield is a fictional city and that this name has been chosen because it is a very common place-name, especially in the United States: the full list is here... please note that in USA there are more than 30 cities with this name, and more than 10 are in the UK!


Google Merchandise

If you're looking for Google corporate merchandise then the Google Store is what you are looking for.
There's plenty of items (the main categories are Accessories, Fun, Kids, Office, Wearables and Doodles), just have a look and you'll find something that you can't really miss!
Furthermore, the European e-commerce store is managed by Merchandise Mania, a reliable company that will ship items immediately and that will solve any problem you may experience with shipping (no, I don't get money for this advertising but I want to publicly thank "Dave" for his helpful solution!).
Pictured below are some items that I already have: